Wild Women On Top creating life changing adventures

| by LISA MARSHALL | 01 Dec '16

Who are the brains behind the Luvmyhike program?

Wild Women On Top create life changing adventures for women in nature. We have trained thousands of women in our world class Trek Training program, to build physical and mental strength so they can enjoy adventures in nature and create a life they love. 

Our Trek Training combines endurance, high intensity intervals, core and stretching, body weight training, agility and pack training on stairs and hills, with rock scrambling and long walks in nature, to prepare your body and mind for the wilderness. Or simply to enjoy getting fit in nature with friends! 

Wild Women On Top have taken teams of women to Everest Base Camp, Kilimanjaro, Tibet, The Inca Trail, Mt Kenya, The GR20 Corsica, Iceland, treks across Australia and on many more amazing World Class Treks. 

We also created Coastrek, a 30-60km Team trekking challenge along the beautiful coastlines of some of Australia's most iconic destinations. We wanted to create an event with purpose, to build communities of fun loving trekkers, who would get fit with friends, whilst raising money to restore sight to hundreds of thousands of people through the work of The Fred Hollows Foundation, our Charity Partner. 

Luvmyhike is a culmination of all the training and Top Tips we've learnt in over a decade of being trek experts, and the Luvmyhike program gives us the opportunity to share our love for being fit for adventure with many more people across the globe! 


Luvmyhike powered by Wild Women On Top


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