Choosing your Speciality - Endurance/Altitude/Full Pack


During your 12 weeks of Luvmyhike, you can choose to focus one of your workouts a week on either Endurance, Altitude or Full Pack Training. After every 12 weeks of training, you can choose a different speciality. These points and intro videos to each Speciality might help you decide which is the most appropriate for you:



Choose Endurance training if you are: 

  • preparing for a long distance trek;
  • preparing for an endurance event like Coastrek (30-60kms in one day);
  • preparing for a multi day trek on challenging terrain;
  • or generally want to build up your ability to do longer day walks/overnight hikes.\




Choose Altitude training if you are:

  • preparing for a multi day trek usually walking 5+ hours a day, often supported by porters, on undulating terrain at altitudes over 2000;
  • you need to build good lung capacity through short, sharp interval training, and have the leg strength to get you both up and down those long summit climbs and descents. You also need to build mental toughness and learn how best to walk at altitude (technical walking) to preserve energy and reduce your chances of altitude sickness wherever possible.




Choose full pack training option if you are: 

  • preparing for a trek which involves carrying all your gear in a backpack, weighing more than 10kgs choose Full Pack Training. You will need to build up your pack weight slowly over time, know how to pack correctly for comfort and safety and build strength in your legs, back, ankles and core to support carrying this weight on uneven terrain.
  • even if you don’t have a trek booked, training with a full pack is a great addition for those who want to take their fitness and strength to the next level by adding resistance to the Luvmyhike workouts.



Want to change your Speciality?

At any stage if you decide you want to change your Specialty, please just get in touch with us and we can get it changed for you :) 

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