I need some help choosing my next adventure, where do I start?

There are so many amazing adventure trails out there, if you're new to trekking it can be tough to know where to start. Visit www.wildwomenontop.com for some fantastic trip ideas. Book something in! We look forward to getting you started on your training for it.

How do I choose my Level of Fitness?

As you sign on to the app, you'll be given the opportunity to choose your current level of fitness. After 12 weeks of workouts on the app, you'll automatically be progressed to the next level. If at any point you want to change though please just CONTACT US and we can adjust it for you.

Beginner to outdoor fitness/usually active 2 or more times per week. Have not walked more than 5-10km in the last 6 months in one instance.  Active 3 or more times a week on a regular basis, have walked more than 10kms in one instance in the last 6 months  Regularly active 4 or more times a week, run or walk more than 10kms on a regular basis
Recommend you build up slowly and ensure you can walk briskly for up to 2hrs at a time as a base. You should repeat this level two or more times as you build up your fitness before progressing to the next level.  You can repeat the program again at this level and choose a different specialty or add weight to your pack to increase the intensity and resistance of each workout. You can repeat the program again at this level and choose a different specialty or add weight to your pack to increase the intensity and resistance of each workout. 


What do the different Speciality Trek Types mean?

During your 12 weeks of Luvmyhike, you can choose to focus one of your workouts a week on either Endurance, Altitude or Full Pack Training.  At any point, if you'd like to change your Speciality, please just CONTACT US and we can change it for you.


  • preparing for a long distance trek;
  • preparing for an endurance event like Coastrek (30-60kms in one day);
  • preparing for a multi day trek on challenging terrain;
  • or generally want to build up your ability to do longer day walks/overnight hikes.


  • preparing for a multi day trek usually walking 5+ hours a day, often supported by porters, on undulating terrain at altitudes over 2000;
  • you need to build good lung capacity through short, sharp interval training, and have the leg strength to get you both up and down those long summit climbs and descents. You also need to build mental toughness and learn how best to walk at altitude (technical walking) to preserve energy and reduce your chances of altitude sickness wherever possible.

Full pack
If you are preparing for a trek which involves carrying all your gear in a backpack, weighing more than 10kgs choose Full Pack Training. You will need to build up your pack weight slowly over time, know how to pack correctly for comfort and safety and build strength in your legs, back, ankles and core to support carrying this weight on uneven terrain.
Even if you don’t have a trek booked, training with a full pack is a great addition for those who want to take their fitness and strength to the next level by adding resistance to the Luvmyhike workouts.

More info and videos about choosing a Speciality: READ MORE>

What is a Check Trek?

You will complete a Check Trek twice in your 12 weeks, which is a longer trek/hike session, designed to give you the opportunity to test your gear, fitness, mental toughness, hydration, foot care and nutrition over a longer period, to mimic a trek day out in the wilderness. On these practice treks you will learn lessons you never dreamt of, which will give you the experience, confidence and resilience you need to take with you when you head out in to the wilderness to face all the challenges and unexpected situations that you might find yourself in!


What is the Fitness Test? 

A short but relevant test involving specific movements which we feel give a good indication of the endurance, leg power, core strength and mental toughness required to get your fit for your big trek! You will complete the test 3 times during your 12 week program, so you can keep on track with your training, see improvements and gauge your progression.


What is the RPE scale used in the workouts?

Rate of Perceived Exertion is used to describe your perceived level of exertion during physical activity.
Perceived exertion is how hard you feel like your body is working. It is based on the physical sensations you might experience during physical activity, including increased heart rate, increased respiration or breathing rate, increased sweating, and muscle fatigue. The scale refers to levels of exertion ranging from No exertion, through to light exertion, moderate exertion, hard exertion etc.  

Exercise intensity is important to gauge because it can tell you whether you are working too hard or not working hard enough. Self-monitoring how hard your body is working can help you adjust the intensity of the activity by speeding up or slowing down your movements.

Luvmyhike uses a simplified 6 point scale from 0 to 5 to assist you in knowing how easy or hard you should be working on specific exercises/intervals. This is to assist you in getting the most out of your workout, by exercising at different intensity levels. But, always listen to your body and if need be, adapt your intensity down if you feel unwell, are new to fitness or have any pre-existing conditions that might be exacerbated by exerting yourself. The RPE scale is a guide to give you an idea of how hard to work during different parts of the program, and also to indicate when it’s time to dial it down and cool down or stretch!


Can I repeat the program at the same level?

The Luvmyhike App moves you up to the next level (Newbie >Moderate > Hard  Core) after completing 12 weeks. If you’d like to remain at the same level and repeat the program at Newbie/Moderate/Hard core, please use the Contact Us form to let us know and we will adjust back for you so you can do the program at the same level again.


How will this program prepare me for a 2 day hike vs a multi day trek at Altitude?

First consider your fitness level and your trekking/hiking experience.
If you are a Newbie starting out, you would need to do the Newbie program, consistently,  at least twice (24 weeks) to get your base fitness up to Moderate before considering a multi day trek.

Here’s a description and indication of the level of fitness plus trekking experience you would need to consider when choosing an adventure goal:

Level   Example of trek types
Newbie No trekking experience required, moderate fitness level required, able to trek a minimum of 5-6hrs at a slow and steady pace with a 6-8kg pack, well-formed trails, with some moderate hills or stair climbing 2 day overnight supported hike/trek with daypack
Moderate Some trekking experience required, good fitness level required, able to trek a minimum of 6-7hrs at a steady pace on difficult/uneven terrain, significant hills or stair climbing and may involve rock scrambling. May involve exposure to heights.  Multi day trek, supported, at altitudes below 5000m. Or if a full pack trek, reasonably easy terrain. Consider training for a min of 24 weeks especially if going to altitude.
Significant trekking experience required, very good fitness level required (including very good levels of strength, balance, agility and endurance), able to trek a minimum of 7-8hrs at a steady pace with a pack (up to 15kg), significant part of walk on difficult terrain, a good deal of sustained and strenuous ups and downs on uneven terrain. May involve difficult rock scrambling and/or creek crossings. May involve significant exposure to heights. Potential for variation in weather conditions
If already at Hard Core Fitness level, with trekking experience, consider the difficulty rating/grading of the trek you are training for - check with the tour provider as to the grading. Min of 12 weeks training however we recommend 24.

e.g. summit climbs to over 5000m; endurance treks over multiple days, carrying full pack…

How do I update my password for the app?

Your password gives you access to login to both the app, and the Luvmyhike website. To update your password, login to this website (see Login button above in the navigation bar), go to Settings and update your password. This will update your password to access the app too.

Where should I train and what do I pack?

Luvmyhike is designed for outdoors. Choose green open spaces, preferably natural surfaces wherever possible, but also where you have access to a set of stairs, a big hill or ramp for your interval training. 


How do I connect with other Luvmyhike members?

As a paying member of the program, you will be given access to join the private, global Luvmyhike Community Group, where you can share ideas, gear tips, training, and link up with other local Luvmyhike members for training walks and hikes.


How do the billing periods work?

The cost of the program is AUS$7.99 per week, which is billed weekly in advance. Your subscription will continue with Luvmyhike until you cancel it. Every 12 weeks you will be progressed to the next level of fitness (Newbie> Moderate > Hardcore), afterwhich you will stay on the Hardcore level, and can use the app as your long term fitness buddy. For further details about billing and cancellations please visit our Terms and Conditions.


How do I buy the App?

You can buy your subscription to Luvmyhike on the Luvmyhike website, in the App store or Google Play. If you purchase your subscription on the Luvmyhike website, you will be given the chance to setup your login details when you subscribe. You then download the App from the App store/ Google Play and login with your details.  If you purchase the subscription in the App Store/ Google Play, you’ll create login details via the app.


How do I cancel my subscription?

If you bought the Luvmyhike App in the App store, you need to go in to your App store account and cancel it via the App store and follow their prompts. The subscription settings on an iphone can be found in Settings> iTunes & App Store > Click on your Apple ID> Subscription.

If you bought a subscription online via our website, please refer to the Terms and conditions and contact us with a cancellation request. You’ll need to contact us at least 7 days before your next billing period, or 2 working days before your next billing period if you're still within your 7 day free trial period.





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